Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 3, the Makings of a Water Closet

So, while not much visible work occurred today, the contractors actually did quite a bit of work. The plumbers removed the old waste pipes for the old bathroom, capped off the old lines and roughed in the plumbing lines for the new one. I have to stop saying, "the contractors" and refer to them by their names, Wayne and Spence. Wayne and Spence installed one more window over where the banquette will be, put up the framing for the new powder room and reinforced some beams. Take a look:

Below the two windows will be a banquette:

This is the framework for the new powder room.Tomorrow promises more plumbing work and framing. In case you are wondering about the ceiling fan, Wayne left if just so they have light to work by. It is not staying. There will be recesses lighting in the new ceiling.

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