Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brrr! It's Cold in Here

Our amazing a/c guy, Dave Gadaletta, came over today to move the two vents we had in the kitchen as it wouldn't do to have one in the middle of the bathroom floor and the other under a cabinet. Now we have to high mounted vents, one in the wall between the bathroom and the kitchen and one in wall by the door.

As for Wayne and Spence, they finished off the siding, moved a support for the powder room so the a/c duct would fit, filled in most of the holes in the floor and put in some insulation. They also did a serious scraping job on the floors, I am assuming in anticipation of the new flooring being laid. However, I imagine that is a ways off. We are now on hold until the inspections of the electrical systems, the framing and the plumbing. Hopefully those will happen Monday or Tuesday, so that Wayne and Spence can get back to building my dream kitchen.

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  1. Update: Wayne just informed me that the soonest the inspector can come is Wednesday. Seriously? He cannot be that busy.