Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This kitchen is truly a dream come true. I am still figuring out how the ovens cook and such, but I love it. It is a place that makes you want to cook.

We Passed With Flying Colors! Speaking of colors....

...we had painted the kitchen a shade of yellow/pumpkin/mustard whatever. After over a week of living with it we BOTH decided we hated it. (Phoebe actually liked it, but Riley hated it so we had her outnumbered.) So, yesterday, they came in and painted it the new color: SILVER SAGE; the signature color of Restoration Hardware. A bit more expensive than a regular gallon of paint but it was well worth it; The green tones in the stone countertops pop out and it offers a nice contrast to the green stain on the wood at the hutch.

YAY!!!! The kitchen is FINALLY done. (Bathroom below, scroll down)

This is the view looking into the eat-in/banquette section of the Kitchen (and NO, we're NOT keeping that counter as a dumping ground! It's just where thing were piled up because of clearing the counters for painting.

This is the view looking into the kitchen from the dining room


The Bathroom was the one room that was going to be more modern than contemporary- but not overly so. The green color was a pale wintergreen and it's very soft and matches the green-tinted glass throughout the bathroom.

If you look at the sink, there are river rocks in it as the high-polish faucet cascades a waterfall over them...

and look at the bottom-- in the rocks....

It's Lonesome George- our hero!