Sunday, April 19, 2009

Load 'em up!

So they've loaded in nearly all of the cabinets... just two more to go. Let's show you what we have so far!

The pic below is the far wall. You can see the sink off to the left and there will be wall cabinets on either side of the window. The inset to the right is for the gas cooktop:

This next picture is a view into the kitchen from the Dining room. Looking at the same wall as above but from the other angle:

A closer in shot:

Next, standing by the sink and where the dishwasher will be, we look at the other wall and see the inset for the Refrigerator and the double-over and warming drawer (Below, but not able to fit in this picture):

Lastly, this is in the far corner, looking back at the new hutch. Same maple wood but painted with a glaze-- very country kitchen with a contemporary flare. The cut-out in the middle will house out new Microwave and this is facing the area that will be the new banquet:

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